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By Kyla Danvers Photo courtesy of Big Bubble Bags December 3, 2010 London, UK - is pleased to introduce to its readers Big Bubble Bags with Power Plastic solar panels. The revolutionary product is our first pick as new “it item” to have. Made of recycled plastics and available in a variety of exciting colors, Big Bubble Bags is the hot ecologically-sound product for the fashion world! Transparent and styled with Italian glamour, the bags turn heads no matter where they are seen. They are made possible thanks to Laplam material. After months of research, development and testing, this material was introduced in the summer of 2008. It combines a material produced with a high percentage of recycled plastic and allows for extraordinary possibilities. The brand's name is also a direct tip of the hat to the material which in appearance looks like plastic packing wrap. Big Bubble Bags with solar panels are developed in collaboration by the Big Bubble Bag company in Italy and with the American company, Konarka Technologies Inc., a world leader in the development and production of flexible and lightweight solar panels. Together the two companies have combined styling, engineering, aesthetics and on-point technology to create these revolutionary travel bags and handbags that are the first to be fashion-forward for travelers and for women in their everyday life. Konarka’s “power plastic” panels exploit the sun’s rays to accumulate energy in a battery and then power the device which in turn supplies energy to every kind of smart phones, mp3 players and small cameras”. The solar bags are suitable for all people on the move and away from power, but that care about environment and fashion. “I love traveling with my red Bubble Bag with the Power Plastic solar panel”, exclaims Marcellous L. Jones, editor-in-chief at Magazine and television presenter of Fashion Insider. It’s important to have something of quality and of good taste that naturally makes people curious. No matter where I am, I can always charge my telephone or my laptop in the airport thanks to the discrete built-in solar panels. Other than the style aesthetic of the products, the best feature of the bag is that it is so lightweight!” ... The bags are “Made in Italy” and finished by the experienced hands and are a true testimony to Italian savoir-faire in accessories making. For more information or to purchase your own Big Bubble Bags, please visit .

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