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BBB @ Ecouterre

LAPLAM \lä pläm\ n 1 a: A new material made from air-infused layers plastic—60 to 80 percent of which is recycled—with an appearance reminiscent of bubble wrap. b: Developed by a lab research team at Italian packaging manufacturer Tecnopack. c: Available in a range of saturated colors, the material is commonly used for furniture and […]

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FashionCamp Milano 2011

Ninja Marketing presenta la linea di borse #ecogeek Ninja Edition, realizzate in collaborazione con Big Bubble Bags. A illustrarne le caratteristiche è la bella Ninja Silvia Carbone. Le borse sono realizzate in Laplam, materiale rivoluzionario fatto di plastica e aria. Alcuni modelli sono dotati di pannello solare per la ricarica dei device portatili.

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BBB @ Fashion Insider

By Kyla Danvers Photo courtesy of Big Bubble Bags December 3, 2010 http://www.thefashioninsider.com/fitv.php?act=read&rub=accessoires&id=62&status=&splitindex=355 London, UK – TheFashionInsider.com is pleased to introduce to its readers Big Bubble Bags with Power Plastic solar panels. The revolutionary product is our first pick as new “it item” to have. Made of recycled plastics and available in a variety of […]

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